Using Census Data in GIS Mapping ~ Two Day Workshop

The workshop focuses on using Census Data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in concert. This workshop is specifically designed for those involved in community planning, program design, proposal writing, needs assessments and fundraising.

The class gives you the step by step instructions to map data from your internal databases (anything from an Access Database to an Excel spreadsheet) and then “layer” or shade the map to show detailed Census data.

In other words, the workshop will teach you how to create compelling maps by bringing together:

Detailed Census Data - thus “shading” the map for race, poverty, income, education, housing, etc.
~ and ~
Internal Database Data - thus creating Points of Interest or “dots” on the map representing specific addresses or locations. Each “dot” can represent a client receiving specific services, a certain type of building, the addresses of donors, etc.

*GIS Class Prerequisites
Prior to taking the Using Census Data in GIS Mapping Workshop we require that you first take the Census 2000 Workshop. You also need intermediate computer skills and a basic understanding of databases or spreadsheets.

During the workshop you will use a copy of ArcView owned by Calm River Demographics. If you do not currently have GIS software, a 60 day evaluation copy of ArcView can be provided to you at no cost after the workshop.

We prefer, however, that participants acquire GIS software such as ArcGIS (ArcView) or MapInfo prior to the workshop. Please contact us if you need additional information.

Since 2002, Calm River Demographics has taught Census workshops to over 8,500 individuals in 32 states. The strongest endorsements for our workshops come directly from those who have taken our classes.

Student Comments Concerning our Workshops

Our workshops are specially designed to meet the unique needs of community planners, municipalities, proposal writers, economic development councils, health care organizations, non-profits, analysts and other individuals interested in performing detailed demographic research and mapping.

A Sample List of Calm River Workshop Participants

The teaching philosophy of the workshops is “hands-on”~ during the workshop each student has access to a PC on the internet. Workshop participants receive an in-depth workbook, step-by-step how-to guides and a CD with maps, sample data, extensive research articles and reference materials.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Workshops

Class Times
Workshops start promptly at 9:00 am and end at 4:00

Workshop Costs
Two day GIS Workshop - $560

Price includes access to a PC during class, all materials and morning/afternoon snacks.

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