Student Comments Concerning our Workshops

The workshop was informative, quick paced and very interesting. Richard kept things moving, interjecting humor and used personal interests and things close to home to keep our interest.
L. McCeary
Economic Development Council

The workshop was excellent! I learned more useful information from this workshop than any I have ever attended.
M. Harris
Southwestern PA Human Services

Richard was the best: Part computer geek, part stand-up comic. Never a dull moment. Always Helpful. Gave personal attention. Covered it all.
D. Brenton
East Library Family

Census data boring? Census website too hard to navigate? Not after this training. Fast, fun, informative. The trainer has superior skills and is eager to share these with each participant.
B. Elrod
Florida Kinship Center at USF

I had no idea how valuable this class would be! I feel armed to write successful government proposals now- something I’ve never done before. Thank-you!
J. Fontinell
Dress for Success Worldwide

I was so thrilled with the GIS skills that I learned. Literally made me laugh and dance in my seat! My bosses will squeal with delight the next time I give a board presentation. I learned skills that will be invaluable in future projects and day to day activities.
And girls - you get vast amounts of both knowledge and chocolate!!
Ann D.
Waco-McLennan County Public Health District - Epidemiologist

I can’t wait to tell my mom I live in a neighborhood that is 60% men, highly educated, and has high median family income. Now she’s really going to be demanding of my boyfriends.
V. Lund
Pennsylvania Economic League

Not only the content was extremely valuable but the organization, pace, and delivery was superb! I did not want the workshop to Finish. I’d definitely sign up for any class taught by the presenter.
M. Rinkerman
Paterson Community Technology Center

This workshop was very useful- I would recommend it to anyone who needs to quickly and easily access census info and especially for those who know they could do more with the data if only they could access it! I will continually share everything I have learned with my colleagues.
K. Rowell
Dove Consulting

Fun! Energizing! Informative! Deep Training! Wow!
J. Gribble
City of Snohomish Washington

Who thought looking at census data for seven straight hours would be so much fun and informative? Richard made it so!
L. Stomski
King County United Way

I wish every social services agency had access to this information- excellent!
N. Frampton
Catholic Community Services - NW

The workshop was well organized and well presented. It’s full of useful information and the take home products make it all easily available later.
B. Born
University of Washington, Department of Urban Design and Planning

Richard Miller is the Jeff Corwin (Animal Planet) of US census data discovery.
M. Pelela
Whatcom County Planning

I get requests for data all the time and now I can quickly get to it. Most importantly, I can now easily combine data from different areas to make a compelling story about our community.
C. Lane
King County United Way

I have worked with government data for 5 years and haven’t seen anything this valuable yet! Everyone should know this!
S. Waterman-Hoey
WA State Department of Commerce, Trade and Economic Development

Richard exhibits a unique blend of intellect, know-how, humor and playfulness that creates a well-paced, approachable, and fun and learning-filled classroom experience.
L. Lutz
City of Seattle Office of Economic Development.

This is by far the most valuable training I have ever attended in the past 15+ years!
F. Trimble
FLT Consulting Inc.

Course exceed my expectations. I have used the census data for several years, but have learned much more !
B. Williams
University of Washington

This was a lot of fun-really! I expected a somewhat boring day. You are a fabulous teacher-quick, sharp, and funny-thanks!!!
K. Billings
Tennessee Department of Health

Richard is a wonderful trainer. Perfect personality for this work and knows how to break down this complex stuff into comprehensible compartments. Thanks a million!
M. Hodges
Development Consultant and Grant-Writer

A must attend for the social policy professional!
A. Roberts
Community Housing Innovations, New York

This course is a must for any economic development professional.
F. Adu
NYC Economic Development Corporation

A very concise and tightly focused view on finding and manipulating census data.
K. Reid
Landmarks Preservation Commission

Mr. Miller is very knowledgeable and personable. He takes the time to make sure the entire class understands.
T. Fragala
Powell, Fragala, and Associates, Inc.

This is one of the most powerful tools I have ever seen. The possibilities are endless.
N. Livadas
Allegheny County Housing Authority

Great information presented in a clear fashion and extremely helpful. Lots of patience and sharing above and beyond. Very congenial. Learning environment enjoyable.
C. Diveny
Saint Clare’s Foundation

This is the most practical Workshop I have ever attended.
S. Phillips
McCall’s Communities for Life Enrichment

My consulting fee just went up thanks to Richard and his instruction.
B. Smith, Independent Consultant

Excellent job of showing a huge amount of information in a short amount of time!
M. Monroe
City of Lynnwood

Although I work with census data on a regular basis, the class helped me determine how to make a more focused search for what I needed.
C. Mouiti
Syracuse Chamber of Commerce

I never realized how much knowledge you could actually get out of the US census data. Calm River showed me how.
D. Jank
Dowling College, New York

Talk about return in investment. The workshop exceeds all others!
R. Jimison
Sarasota County Health Department

A Sample List of Calm River Workshop Participants

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