Effective Use of Census 2000 and Thematic Mapping

The Census Workshop will teach participants to perform in-depth demographic studies using the recently released 2000 U.S. Census. Participants will learn what information is available on the 2000 Census and how to easily extract the specific data they need. Each student will learn how to present detailed demographic data in compelling new ways.

State and Federal grants increasingly require in-depth demographic study of the population you serve - this hands-on workshop will teach you how to succeed.

A highlight of the workshop is when each student learns to create custom thematic maps showing detailed variations of the demographics within their community. Thematic maps allow students to map their community and “shade” the map to show which neighborhoods have the highest concentrations of numerous demographic variables such as poverty, income, race, age, ancestry, educational attainment, disabilities, etc.

Emphasis will be placed on compiling the race, income, poverty, language, transportation, education, workforce and housing characteristics that are of interest to your unique needs.

Since 2002, Calm River Demographics has taught Census workshops to over 8,000 individuals in 30 states. The strongest endorsements for our workshops come directly from those who have taken our classes.

Student Comments Concerning our Workshops

Our workshops are specially designed to meet the unique needs of community planners, municipalities, proposal writers, economic development councils, health care organizations, non-profits, analysts and other individuals interested in performing detailed demographic research and mapping.

A Sample List of Calm River Workshop Participants

The teaching philosophy of the workshops is “hands-on”~ during the workshop each student has access to a PC on the internet. Workshop participants receive an in-depth workbook, step-by-step how-to guides and a CD with maps, sample data, extensive research articles and reference materials.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Workshops

Class Times
Workshops start promptly at 9:00 am and end at 4:30

Workshop Costs
One day Census 2000 Workshop - $280

Price includes all materials and morning/afternoon snacks.

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